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  Our people

At Savickas financial Inc., we have an Executive Team and an Analyst Team. Our Executive Team consists of two Team Leads, Robert Savickas, Ph.D. and Mr. Hosseini, MBA, MSF. Team leads are in contact with clients to understand their needs and they are responsible for project management and technical support to analyst team. On advisory board, we have three Advisors: William C. Handorf, Ph.D., Chintal Desai, Ph.D., Mircea Petrescu, Ph.D.

Our Analyst Team performs tasks as directed and supervised by the Executive Team. The members of the Analyst Team are hired as needed from a pool of qualified individuals with advanced quantitative and financial degrees and experience to perform the specific tasks.

Below, we list the short bios of the members of our Executive Team.

Robert Savickas, Ph.D.
Robert Savickas is an Associate Professor of Finance at the George Washington University's School of Business (GWSB). He joined GWSB in August 2000, after completing his Doctorate at the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia. Prior to his study of Finance, he was a mechanical engineer. Savickas' research, consulting, and teaching focus on credit risk, asset pricing, investments, continuous-time finance, derivative securities, mortgage finance, risk management, and other areas. He has published 12 academic articles since 2000 in The Review of Financial Studies, The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, The Journal of Business and Economic Statistics and other journals and has delivered many presentations of his work at professional meetings and institutions. In his role as a professor, Savickas has taught over a dozen of different courses in the Doctoral, Masters, and Undergraduate programs and has won a number of awards and grants for his work. He also serves as the Chairman of the Department of Finance at GWSB.

Amin Hosseini, MBA, MSF
Mr. Hosseini is currently pursuing his PhD in Finance at the George Washington University with research focus in the area of risk management. His diverse academic background includes a BS in Engineering and three master’s degrees in Finance (MSF), Data Science (MSBA) and Business Administration (MBA). Mr. Hosseini also serves as head of quantitative group in IDEAH research center. His team is focused on designing default models, credit score models and recommendation platforms for financial institutions.

William C. Handorf, Ph.D.
William C. Handorf is a professor of finance and real estate with The George Washington University located in Washington, DC. Professor Handorf earned his A.B. in economics and an MBA in finance at the University of Michigan. He earned his Ph.D. in financial administration from Michigan State University. Professor Handorf also serves as a director with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta. Professor Handorf has written over 400 articles, papers, monographs and books related to finance, economics, banking, real estate, and general business. His articles or abstracts have appeared in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Management, Real Estate Review, Journal of Real Estate Research, Applied Economics, The Journal of Investing, The Bankers, Bank Accounting and Finance, The Community Banker, Commercial Lending Review, Journal of Applied Finance, and The Journal of Financial Education among many other academic and professional publications. He also has published history articles in Michigan History, Academe and Purple Heart Magazine. In addition, he is the editor and principal author of a book entitled International Banking, which is published by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. Professor Handorf has a broad public/private perspective. In addition to being a professor for over 35 years, Dr. Handorf has worked as a commercial banker with the National Bank of Detroit, bank regulator with both the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and a consultant to accounting firms and central banks (e.g., Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, and USA). He is an active consultant to bank regulatory agencies, banks and corporations on issues related to finance. In addition, he was a director with the both the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where he chaired the Baltimore Branch and a private citizen director with the Federal Home Loan Bank System’s Office of Finance. He periodically serves as an expert witness in legal cases related to finance, real estate and banking. As a company-grade officer in the US Army, then Lieutenant Handorf was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Purple Heart among other campaign medals applicable to military service in Vietnam.

Mircea Petrescu, Ph.D.
Dr. Mircea Petrescu is Senior Risk Manager (Principal) in the Enterprise Risk Management Division of Fannie Mae. In this role, he takes active part in overseeing and approving risk methodologies used in all aspects of managing the $3 Trillion portfolio of Fannie Mae guaranteed mortgage loans and balance sheet, as well as various capital market portfolios. Dr. Petrescu completed his doctoral studies in 2006 with a dissertation focused on the study of a wide range of Value-at-Risk methodologies to assess and manage bank risk under a set of economic scenarios and for a selection of portfolios with a number of different asset classes. Subsequently, he has held positions in risk- management role at Fannie Mae; specifically, in modelling financial risks, as well as in managing financial model risk. In line of his duties, he has also provided risk management advisory services to other units within Fannie Mae. Dr. Petrescu continues to stay current in the latest techniques for financial risk modeling, forecasting, and management.

Chintal Desai, Ph.D.
Dr. Chintal Desai has published a number of research articles in consumer credit, which is his main area of expertise, along with corporate finance. Currently, he is an assistant professor in finance at the Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to that, he held a similar position with the University of Texas-Pan American (now University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley). Dr. Desai completed his Ph.D. in finance from the George Washington University. His research papers are published in the Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Financial Review, Managerial Finance, and Quarterly Review of Economics & Finance. He and his wife, Ditina Desai, are raising three children ages 2-7 years.